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Quest for Mars - Complete Package

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Quest for Mars - Complete Package
Quest for Mars - Complete Package

An asteroid has just struck the surface of Mars, revealing untouched geological strata certain to contain evidence of Mars’ chemical and biological history. Each player takes on a different scientific specialty, gathering and interpreting samples for their relevance to life on Mars. All players work as a team to collect a preponderance of evidence in order to determine the most likely hypothesis.

In Quest for Mars, act as a team of scientists controlling a rover on the Martian surface, interpreting incoming data to determine the most likely hypothesis for the existence of life.

Learning Objectives

  • Emphasizes the importance of gathering multiple pieces of evidence
  • Imitates the ways that differently specialized disciplines must work together to solve complex problems
  • Provides a soft introduction to some of the differing analytical techniques in the physical sciences


Complete package includes:

  • 5 tuck boxes, each containing two sets of cards for the game
  • 5 game boards
  • 5 rover tokens
  • 5 hourglass counters
  • Glossy instruction sets and workbooks
  • Printable PDFs for lesson plans and all of the above

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