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Project Stormfury - Basic Package

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Project Stormfury - Basic Package
Project Stormfury - Basic Package

Take on the role of disaster management specialists in Project Stormfury. Prepare coastlines for a storm and work to build levies and other forms of preparation in order to minimize damage to your city.

Project Stormfury is an educational board game designed to simulate the difficulty of preparing municipalities for  an incoming hurricane. Players must use their knowledge of probability and statistics to predict possible pathways for the hurricane, and marshal resources to protect vulnerable areas of the coastline. Each group of players in a classroom compete to do the best job preventing damage from the hurricane!

Learning Objectives

  • Use short and long term predictive thinking to analyze worst case scenarios
  • Close, cooperative group play emphasizes teamwork and planning
  • Simulate difficulty of preparing for severe weather events with limited resources


Basic Package includes:

  • 5 tuck boxes, each containing two sets of cards for the game
  • Printable Instructions
  • Printable player workbooks
  • Printable lesson plans
  • Printable cards


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